GeoExplorer Software

Software plays a crucial role in the operation of a slope monitoring system. NavStar's GeoExplorer software is intuitive and user friendly. It has been designed to scale from large multi site enterprise installations to small civil projects.

Total Stations and prisms are powerful tools for monitoring a large number of points in a well defined area such as highwalls in a mine pit.

When deformation monitoring data really counts, there is no substitute for GPS & GNSS systems.

The analysis of InSAR data is increasingly being used as a tool in deformation monitoring.

The Wireline Extensometer Module in GeoExplorer is used to store data from manually read wirelines.

In-Place Inclinometers are often used for real-time monitoring of landslides and other critical slopes.

Tilt meters are effective tools for monitoring structures that are not suited for GPS or other 3D technologies.

Vibrating Wire Piezometers are typically used for monitoring pore water pressures. They can also be used to monitor water levels.

Weather data collected by GeoExplorer is used for correcting atmospheric influenced measurements from other modules, as well as helping users to understand the site conditions.

Virtually any webcam can be integrated and displayed live in GeoExplorer.

Radars are widely used for safety-critical, real-time monitoring in open pit mines,

GeoExplorer’s Remote Sensing Module has been used successfully with data from UASs/drones.

Time Domain Reflectometers (TDRs) are fully supported in GeoExplorer. The data can be displayed on charts which are similar to those used for SAAs.

NavStar has worked closely with Measurand to add extensive support for their down-hole, deformation monitoring system to GeoExplorer.

GeoExplorer’s Seismic Module allows users to visualize seismic channel data statistics.