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We are a technology company that develops specialized hardware and software for automated detection of movement on slopes and structures.

Our products are designed to improve safety and productivity by using advanced systems to track deformation and provide automatic alarm notifications. Since 2001 our dedicated team of surveyors, engineers, technologists and software developers has been providing solutions, products, and support to clients around the world. Our products are currently in use by the mining, oil and gas, power, construction and government sectors.

NavStar is proud to be part of Terra Insights, the industry’s first end-to-end unified platform that provides trusted geotechnical, structural and geospatial monitoring technology and data delivery solutions. Terra Insights is powered by five industry-leading brands that possess deep technical expertise and global experience—NavStar, RST Instruments, Measurand, 3vGeomatics, and Syscom Instruments.

Terra Insights is proudly a member of the Orica Group, specifically a part of Orica Digital Solutions. Under Orica Digital Solutions, Terra Insights, and GroundProbe have merged their geotechnical technologies and capabilities with advanced geospatial instrumentation and expertise, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for their customers.

GPS & GNSS Sensors

Powerful deformation monitoring tools for virtually any condition.

Sensor Interfaces

NavStar manufactures a variety of modular sensors interfaces that can be added onto our FLP100 data logger.

VW Piezometer Reader

The NavStar VWL600 is a compact, ultra-low power, 8 channel vibrating wire reader for use with VW piezometers.

We have been working with world class clients, vendors, and technology partners since 2001.
  • “ Long battery life combined with
    plug and play GeoExplorer support
    makes the VWL600 an ideal tool for
    VW data integration. ”
    - Gene Sivorot, NavStar
  • “ Recent advances in ultra low
    power consumption have allowed us
    to make the smallest, most advanced
    GNSS receiver we have ever produced. ”
    - Glen Bjorgan, NavStar
  • “ Expert technical support is a key element of any monitoring system. Our engineers have the experience and know-how to support our customers effectively. ”
    - John Davis, NavStar
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