• Supporting your business in the field.

Our team works hard to support our clients and the monitoring systems they depend on. Our commitment to support does not stop when an installation is complete. We continue to work with our clients to make sure that they always have the help they need, when they need it. We live by the simple rule: whatever it takes.

Data Processing

While some clients prefer to host our server software applications on site, there are cases where it makes more sense for us to host the applications for you. We have a number of dedicated servers at a high availability colocation facility in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada for this purpose. Redundant internet links, backup generators, and high quality redundant servers make this service very robust and fault tolerant.

Design & Installation

To be sure that an automated monitoring system will function well, it is imperative that it is properly designed and installed. For this reason, most of our clients choose to have us involved in the design and installation phases of their projects. We work with our clients to assess the project requirements, design and build the system, and assist with the installation.

System Integration

We have experience integrating a wide variety of monitoring systems and technologies. We work closely with clients, manufacturers and vendors to produce the best possible product. By combining specialized hardware design and custom software development we can meet the exact requirements of our customers.


Our automated monitoring systems are designed to be simple, rugged, and powerful. Once a monitoring system is installed, it will quite literally run itself. However, with staff turnover, changing sites, and changing requirements, some clients do need ongoing support. We are here to help. Our support can range from the odd phone call or email to constant support and site visits. We tailor our support level to your individual project and needs.

System Monitoring

Deformation monitoring systems are often used for monitoring critical structures. Failures can pose safety threats, lost production, and tremendous costs. To ensure that your monitoring system is always working, we can maintain a dedicated watchguard system to notify us of any issues with your monitoring system.